Jun. 13th, 2006

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"I thought you said he couldn't--"

"But if he could," Nymphadora broke in, her voice tight, "If he could, would he be able to work here?"

Allbright's eyes narrowed. Tonks wasn't giving him the whole story, he knew that, but he also knew she was a damn fine Auror. He'd learned to trust her long ago. "Not much precedent for that sort of thing," he replied gruffly. "A Muggle working in the Ministry of Magic? No--" At the witch's suddenly angered expression, he held up a quelling hand. "I'm not saying he shouldn't be there, I'm saying he might be a target. But I'm not going to deny we could use the help."

The set of her shoulders relaxed, and she leaned against the corner of his desk. "So he could come and help the demolitions team?"

"He can bloody well head it up, far as I'm concerned." Allbright scrubbed a weary hand through his salt-and-pepper hair. "You know as well as I do it's not getting any better out there, and by all signs is, in fact, looking to get quite a lot worse. If we're gonna beat these bastards it'll need to be hard and fast."

"I know." A sigh. "All right. Well, cheers. That tells me what I need to know." Nymphadora, too, looked tired; bluish circles under her eyes belied the restless night of sleep she and her husband had both had. "I'll keep you post--"

But a sudden insistent clanging rang through the department, and both Aurors jumped to their feet. Allbright swore. "Get your cloak, Tonks," he growled, his mouth twisting into a wry smile. "There's Death Eaters to be walloped."


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