Jul. 9th, 2006

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She's started the letter a thousand times.


Where are you? Can you come home? I really think you ought to come home.

I don't understand why you

Swearing softly under her breath, Nymphadora crumples up the parchment and thunks her head onto her hands, eyes staring blankly down at the surface of Bernard's desk.

It's been a hard morning.

Bernard's absence has started to take its toll on the kids; Sunny constantly asks about him, wants to see him now, and isn't placated by their daily visits to St. Mungo's. She wants him home, and though 'Dora agrees, her nerves are starting to fray. Everyone from Anthony on down to Ellie have clearly felt the tension, and there have been more spontaneous crying jags, animal show-downs, and squabbles over toys today than perhaps the entire last week put together.

Dear Crowley,

I won't pretend to understand, but you need to come home. Bernard's still in hospital, and

No, that's no good, either.

"Grandma 'Dromeda, swimming now please."

Her mother's voice floats back into the study in response to Sunny's question.

"Well, thank you for saying please, Sunny, but that doesn't change the fact that you've only just had your lunch, and you'll have an upset tummy if you try swimming now. You've still got to wait a half-hour or so."


"I've just told you why, haven't I?"

Nymphadora sighs, and tries again.


You ruddy git. I don't know what you were playing at, but I think you owe us an explanation, don't you? I don't know what you thought you were going to accomplish, pulling a stunt like that without telling me, but it was a damned bloody stupid thing to do, and



Anthony burst into tears, and the collective pandemonium finally wins.

"Incendio." The parchment burns away to nothing on the desktop, and she sweeps the ashes into the bin.

She can't do this. She can't try and look after Crowley from half a world away when there are people right here who need her.

With one convulsive movement, Nymphadora stands, and brushes away the single frustrated tear that threatens to slide down her cheek.

Then she heads for the door.

"Oi now, what's all this? Sunshine, you know the swimming rules quite well, don't give your grandmum a hard time about it, and Anthony, what is going on, you've got nothing to be upset over, have you? Of course not..."

The rest would just have to wait.


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