Sep. 9th, 2005

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Dear Bernard,

Well, quite the day we've had already, I have to say. No sooner had I gotten into the office than the call came in that a house in Kent had gone up in flames, during the night -- and a wizard was known to have lived there. So we hied over to check things out, 'helping' the Muggle authorities, as it were, and -- here's the interesting thing -- it's beginning to look not so much like foul play, at all (complete lack of Dark Mark, for one thing), but rather an attempt at destroying evidence. We think the owner may have been a Death Eater who allowed his home to be a waystation and meeting place for others, because I did some tests on the house, and there was still spell traces everywhere, the kind for every day things like making coffee and mopping the floors. Those traces stay around longer, you see, when they're done repetitively over a long period of time. And, the wand that casted all of these spells -- I'm 99% sure it's the same wand that was involved in several crimes over the past two years. And now? We have a name. No whereabouts, naturally, but we'll get to that. A name is very important, even if it's an alias.

Anyway. It's a good feeling.

Hope you and Sunny are doing well. It was nice having everyone for dinner last night. Both Aziraphael and Crowley looked dead on their feet, but I think it did them good to come over and just sit for a bit. Get a good meal. (By the way, I cannot say it enough -- the stew was lovely.) Glad Crowley decided to come for a long weekend. He needs it, after that mess back in Iraq.

Have a good morning, love. Kingsley sends his greetings.

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Bernard --

Dubliners? Oh blimey. Yeah, can that wait till she's, like, ten or so? Try and placate her with... I dunno. She likes epic poetry. Try Beowulf, it's on the third shelf down on the left in the study.

And no, it's not the same wand as any of the ones used on the Havertons, unfortunately. Still, he's been involved in some pretty major offences, so catching him would be a rather big thing.

I think we should send another box, yeah. I'll go through the linen closet after work and pull out some of the extras. And water. Lots of water. Food, too. I can charm food to not spoil.

Anyway, see you tonight, love. Have a good afternoon.



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