Jan. 20th, 2006

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Dear Aziraphael,

Bugger. That's too bad, angel -- we were so looking forward to seeing you again, now that we've not just been up the whole night trying to birth a baby. Well, you be careful when travelling, yeah? And come home soon as you can. We miss you.

I would say there's been nothing exciting happening, but that's of course an utter lie -- it's all new and exciting when one must deal with a new little person. Really though, he's as good as gold. Dream was quite right about him being rather on the quiet side. Still, he does have his moments, and never sleeps for more than a couple of hours at a time. This if course means Bernard and I are looking exceedingly lovely, what with the sleep deprivation and all.

Your greetings to Sunny are returned most enthusiastically. She's having a bit of a week, I'm afraid. Trying to adjust to the new baby in her own way, and all of that. Got herself in trouble the other evening for spreading finger paints all over our kitchen, the bar chairs, and the horses out in the stables. We nearly had a heart attack when we found out she'd gone there alone, just as we'd told her not to do. Anyway she's without sweets for a whole week, and struggling with that ever so slightly, but being tremendously good about not sneaking anything.

Your guess is as good as mine, regarding Crowley -- haven't heard from him since you two left last weekend. I've always been one for the 'no news is good news' mentality, so we're hoping to see him tonight as per usual.

Bernard's sent along these nice ginger snaps for you, a bit of a snack for the road, like. Take care of yourself and we'll see you as soon as possible.

Love from,

Enclosed is a large packet of ginger snaps. Sunny has apparently used the brown paper wrapping as a canvas; it's covered in purple horses.


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