Apr. 4th, 2006

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It hadn't been much, really.

The interrogation room was tense, as usual, and Allbright had been in there with Chambers for nearly three hours. When Tonks opened the door, the Death Eater looked up at her, his green eyes sharp and all too calculating.

The Auror gave a short nod to her superior, and took the chair beside him, sliding a file folder onto the table.

"Chambers," she began, her voice even, professional. "I have here a record of incidents that we've traced back to your wand." Her grey eyes leveled on his. "Not the least of which is last Thursday's attack in Leeds."

Chambers quirked an eyebrow, his gaze bordering on insolent.


But she knew better than to let him get a rise out of her.

On and on it went, she and Allbright trading off, Chambers' infrequent responses brief and unproductive.

Finally, the two Aurors exchanged a glance, and both stood. "Right. Auror Tonks is going to stay here with you whilst I go fetch the guard to escort you down to the holding cells. We'll see how talkative you're feeling tomorrow, eh?" Allbright gave the young woman at his side a short nod, and stepped out into the corridor.

After the click of the door, silence.

She preferred it that way, really. Meant she wouldn't say something that--


A Stinging Hex? The bastard did a wandless--
she thought wildly, blanching at the pain of the deep cut across her cheek and pulling out her wand.

He tried to stand and break his bindings but she was fast, fast as lightning, new ropes snaking out of the end of her wand, the force of the spell slamming him to the far wall.

Alarms sounded half a second later, and half a dozen Aurors poured inside.

"Fuck," she muttered, wiping the oozing wound with the back of her hand, wand still trained on him. "Fuck."


Not too very much later, the door to the flat opens.


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