Jul. 28th, 2006

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"...So he was discharged, then?"

Betina tapped her wand against the parchment, and the script scrolled and scrolled until it hit the end of the record. "Yes indeed, dearie. Look, here you can see it -- Discharged 5 July, 3 o'clock PM."

Leaning down to peer over the elderly witch's shoulder, Tonks frowned. "Hm. Yeah, that was my recollection, too. I'd gone in to see him on my way back from checking on Bernard, and the nurse on duty said Raph'd gone. I mean, I thought it was a bit odd that he'd leave without saying something to me, but..." A helpless shrug. "He's a bit of an odd duck." Turtle, she edited silently.

"Well, I'm afraid that's all the information I have, love," Betina said, sighing, and returned Raphael's file to its place. "You might have a chat with Healer Swillings. He was on duty when your friend was discharged."

"Good idea. I'll do that. Thanks, Betina."

"My pleasure, dear. My best to the family."


"Ah yes. Odd fellow."

"I suppose so," Tonks replied patiently. "Still and all, he's a friend, and I'm a bit concerned that he hasn't turned up."

Healer Geoffrey Swillings smiled easily at her, his warm brown eyes radiating confidence. "I'm sure you are. I seem to recall that he was intending on taking a bit of a recuperative holiday -- in fact I advised that he do just that, given the level of injuries he'd sustained."

"But a holiday where? Raph isn't really the type for sipping cocktails on the beach, y'know?" The witch cocked an eyebrow doubtfully, and tilted her head to one side.

Swillings nodded. "No, I hadn't thought so, either. Said something about... visiting a girlfriend?"

And at that, Tonks blinked.


"Right," she replied slowly, the wheels turning. "That would... make kind of a lot of sense, actually. I'll, um." Distractedly, "Thanks, I appreciate it. Really."

Smiling again, the Healer nodded pleasantly and shook the witch's hand. "Not at all, Auror Tonks. Glad to be of service."

Tonks turned and disappeared down the ward, and Swillings watched her go. His smile faded.

Obviously they'd need to be a bit more careful.

Anything in the pursuit of science.
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I did some digging at St. Mungo's today about Raph. The records definitely indicate that he was discharged, and I spoke with his Healer -- apparently Raph'd said something about 'going to visit his girlfriend' which, I suppose, makes a lot of sense... certainly would explain why he's been incommunicado.

I'd still rest easier knowing for sure, but I reckon he's with Death. I'll keep my eyes peeled and let you know if I hear anything else, though.



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