Oct. 2nd, 2005

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Dear Aziraphael,

I'm home sick. And also bored, at the moment, because one can only read for so long, I feel, and Bernard's outside with Sunny, and I'm rather envious. Which is, of course, not to say that I'll only write to you when I'm bored, because -- oh bollocks well, you know what I mean.

How're things in Rome? Was reading the papers the other day -- some very dodgy things coming out of that quarter, if you ask me. Here's hoping you'll talk some sense into them. Any idea when you might be back at home? We miss you terribly, though of course we understand why you can't be around just now.

Not much else going on. I think Bernard likes having me at home while I'm ill, even though I'm all icky and cranky. He's been very good about it all.

Sunny's doing quite well these days. Has yet to outgrow her New Shoes, which is a relief. Anthony's kicking constantly, making me wish he'd sleep sometimes. But he's doing quite well, too. Healer Durkin asked after you when I went in Friday; he sends his best.

Oh, here's Bernard coming inside to make lunch. Here's hoping I can smell it.

Be well, angel.

Love from,
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Dear Crowley,

Sorry we didn't make it out into the bar this weekend -- I've come down with the flu, joy of joys. Did you stop by, at all? Hope you're keeping yourself busy, in the not-getting-yourself-blown-up sense. Mostly I'm sort of existing, these days, and reading a little, and sleeping a lot. Have ingested gallons of tea and juice, I suspect, since Bernard puts a glass or mug in my hand every time I turn around.

Sunny and Bernard are back outside, now, after lunch; Sunny seems to be discovering the joys of jumping into leaf piles, which makes me really sulky because I want to be out there with them. Ah, well. Fall will still be falling when I'm feeling better.

How're things with you? The bar seems relatively quiet, lately, but then I haven't been out for a couple of days, so it's all probably gone to the dogs in the interim. If I'm still sick next weekend (Merlin forbid, but the Healer says it'll be longer than normal, with me being pregnant), pop by for a visit. I'll try not to get germs all over you.

Miss you, Crowley. Take care.

Love from,


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